OUR WORK: MUKURU money transfer mobile application 
 MUKURU money transfer mobile application
Creating better access to financial services for financially under-served migrants through our User-Centered Design approach.

The challenge:

Mukuru is a remittances-led Fintec company, empowering financially under-served migrants to move and use money in a convenient, safe and affordable manner, so that they can fulfil their desire to improve their own and their families’ lives. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they required a new mobile application to enable ease of access to their services and improve operational efficiencies. The need for a mobile application was further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


• Competitor Research
• Wireframes
• Interactive Prototyping
• User Testing
• UI Design
• Style Guide (Design System)


Project type



Within 1 month after launch:

10,000 +


6,000 +

Active users

R9,5 million

Transferred in the App

The solution:


The research phase included reviewing direct competitors’ Apps, as well as other “best in class” Apps to identify best practice and inspiration for the designs. The design team also reviewed customer feedback and insights from the Mukuru CX Team.


Through analysing the user needs identified through the research and insights from the Mukuru CX Team (documented using User Personas and a Customer Journey Map) we created a detailed Task Flow Analysis to guide the requirements for the design of the App.

Task Flow Analysis


Our iterative design process started off with wireframes to conceptualise the requirements. After various rounds of iteration with business input, we created a clickable prototype and a polished User Interface Design and Style Guide. The design was created with future functionality in mind, and is scalable for new features contained in the product roadmap.​

Design Concepts


Usability testing was conducted on the full, future-state design, and ensured we could fix any design issues before starting the development process. The MVP that was developed was again validated with a 2nd round of usability testing, before launch.

Usability Testing

Final Design

The final design was created as a result of various iterations of the UX and UI Design, and validation through usability testing. Early signs are showing positive market validation, with over 10 000 downloads and R9 500 000.00 transferred within the first month after launch on the Android and iOS App Stores.

Final Design